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How to protect yourself against injuries

Your Personal Protective Equipment

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Personal protective equipment must be used during hazardous work to avoid or minimize injuries.

Protective clothing is available so that you do not get injured or sick at work. We call it Personal Protective Equipment – or in short: PPE. You can see where you have to wear it by the blue mandatory signs.

Your boss must give you Personal Protective Equipment to wear at work if it is necessary, without you having to specifically pay for it. You have to wear it.

In addition, your boss must explain to you before you start the work when you have to wear which PPE (safety instruction).   

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Protect your Feet

This sign is called: Wear safety shoes. 

The reasons for this: some jobs are dangerous for your feet. You may stub your feet or get them trapped. Things can fall on your foot. For example, you must wear safety shoes when working with machines.  

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Wear Safety Shoes

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Protect your Hands

This sign is called: Wear work gloves. They protect your skin against injuries. 

Apply cream to your hands before putting on the glove. Water can also damage your skin. The skin becomes wrinkly when your hands are constantly in water. This is a sign that your skin is not healthy. 

When performing such work, wear gloves that do not let water through. People often sweat very quickly in such gloves. This is not good for your skin either. Wear cotton gloves under the protective gloves, for example. They soak up the sweat.

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Wear Protective Gloves

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Use Protective Cream

There is protective cream in the hand-washing area. This is good for the skin. Apply the cream before you start work and during your break. At the end of the work, use the protective cream. Never wash your hands with petrol or thinners. This is dangerous and ruins your skin. 

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Apply cream to your Hands

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Protect your Eyes

This sign is called: Wear safety goggles or a protective visor. They protect you from injuries to your eyes, for example if dust, chips, splinters or similar items can get into your eyes. Liquids can also injure the eye, for example cleaning agents. Safety goggles are also available for spectacle wearers.

Example: when cutting vines, when cleaning machines.

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Wear Safety Goggles

Safety goggles are also available for those who wear glasses.

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Protect your Hearing

This sign is called: wear hearing protection. The reasons for this: noise is bad for the ears and can damage them for ever. For example, you can become hard of hearing. The hearing protection makes the noise quieter.

Example: when working with noisy machines. When working with a high-pressure cleaner.

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Wear Hearing Protection

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Protect your Head

This sign is called: wear a helmet. You can injure your head during some types of work. Then you have to put on a protective helmet. The foreman or the boss will tell you for which jobs you have to wear a helmet

Example: on the construction site, during tree work.

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Wear a Protective Helmet

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Protect yourself from the weather

This sign means: Wear clothes that protect you from rain, cold or too much sun.

When it is cold, wear sufficiently warm clothes. It is best to wear several layers so that you can take something off or put something on when the temperature changes. If it rains, wear a rain jacket with a hood or hat and waterproof shoes, for example rubber boots. If you don’t have a rain jacket or rubber boots, ask the foreman or boss for some.

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Wear weatherproof clothing

Keep this in mind for various activities

No alcohol or drugs at work

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Drinking alcohol or taking drugs at work is prohibited. The reasons for this: alcohol and drugs increase the danger of accidents. If you nevertheless drink alcohol or take drugs, the boss can give you a warning or dismiss you.

Do not cook in bedrooms

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You are not allowed to prepare food in bedrooms. No boiling, frying, grilling, baking. The reasons for this: there is a danger of a fire breaking out. Prepare your food only in the kitchen.

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Only prepare your food in the kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

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